greetings loved ones i'm colleen // 15 // p stump for prez //
the academy was

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im so excited for fall i havent taken full advantage of summer like i havent been to the beach or a carnival or an amusement park but i went to michaels today and they had fall/halloween stuff out and i got so excited i bought a candle

  #not quite a candle    #i bought a pack of wax cubes that you put in a dish and place over a lightbulb    #kinda    #its a whole thing  

whats a meme to a non believer?


I love coming back to tumblr after being gone all day and seeing what’s going on. It’s like what’s up pals? Whats good? What’s the skinny?

i have 2 get up at 8 tomorrow 2 help college freshmen move into dorms but i get free bfast n lunch 4 it so its all good 

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hey guess who got a nearly perfect score on her driving test

  #hint: it me  
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